Guatemala ’ 13
 2014  Mission  Dates
When:  June 15-22                   
       June 22-29
       July  06-13
       July  13-20

Cost:  $1,600*  - 1 Week
        $2,100* - 2 Weeks

* approx. cost includes roundtrip airfare, food, lodging, and ground transportation. See FAQs for other possible costs.  Family discount for 3 or more, and/or children under 12:  $100/person lessfaqs.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

Join our Mission Directors Shawn Smith and Damaris Smith, for their ninth year of hosting hundreds of missionaries of all ages for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ by helping orphans, and children and their families living in extreme poverty in Guatemala.  Serve on one of many mission crews this summer, at one of four mission sites, with up to forty team members per week, from all over the United States. 

Interested in joining us?  If so, please check the Registration Status above, and if there are open spots available, please email Shawn here to indicate the interest of you or your group.  If a mission week of your choices is closed, we’d be happy to put you on our waiting list in the case of cancellations, just let us know.  Registration will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and limited to 40 volunteers per week. 

Can’t come with us?  Please consider making an online donation for a Stove, Eye Glasses, a Concrete Floor, or to support one of our mission team members.  Make a donation here.

2014  mission  crews

construction (week #1 only)

floor crew

humanitarian aid crew

stove crew

vbs crew

2014  Mission  sites
Hogar Miguel Orphanage, Aguacate
Paso a Paso, San Antonio A.C.
Village of Santa Maria de Jesus
Village of San Juan Alotenango

2014  lodgings
Hotel Candelaria 

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07/02    -Weeks 1 & 2 Podcasts posted

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2013 website  updates

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                     a good time to go

Wk 1 - June 15-22         Closed

Wk 2 - June 22-29   08 spots open

Wk 3 - July 06-13   13 spots open

Wk 4 - July 13-20    20 spots open

Why are weeks already closed?  See FAQ

2014   Registration  Status

Dear Mission Supporters:

Thank you for all of your support of our mission this summer.  By the grace of God, we were able to accomplish the following work on your behalf.  We could not have done it without you.  The numbers below don’t really capture the most important mission work that happened (i.e. sharing the love and hope of Jesus with hundreds of children and their families thru very personal, one-to-one moments; and the mission team members’ lives who were transformed in powerful, indescribable ways).  However, we hope that these numbers, along with our photos, blogs, and podcasts, can help to explain some of what we did, and express how grateful we are for all of your help.  Muchas Gracias!

God’s Peace, 
Brother Shawn

2013  Mission Project Totals By the Numbers:

205 Mission Crew Members

1 Girl's Home for 50 Disadvantaged and Abused Girls nearly completed

48 concrete floors installed in bedrooms and kitchens of homes of children living in extreme poverty

283 high-efficiency stoves installed in homes of children living in extreme poverty

300+ children and family members served in our Medical Clinic, who don't have access to healthcare

400+ reading and sunglasses provided

800+ distance eyeglasses prescribed, and many more vision screenings and testings performed

850 children given anti-parasite meds & vitamins for 30 days

4,000 children taught Bible stories and songs about Jesus

18,000 lbs of shoes, clothes, school supplies, toiletries, etc. given to 850 children living in extreme poverty

$16,000 - extra raised for water filters, school supplies, shoes, and other local mission projects serving the extreme poor in these 4 villages

Dear Mission Supporters:

We are definitely hosting missions for 2014!  Details coming soon. Stay tuned to this website for updates.  

Want to join our mailing list?  Send an email here. 

Looking for our 2013 Podcasts? Go here.

Looking for Shawn Smith?  I’m here.

We’ll be in touch soon.  Thanks for your support!

God’s Peace,


Dear Mission Friends:

New website coming soon! We are overhauling our mission website, and it’s a BIG job, but we have some exciting new features for you. Registration will open in late March, but we are pre-registering now.  See below...

Pre-Registering Groups Now
Want to join us this summer?  We are pre-registering groups and individuals now. If you’re interested in joining us for a week or two this summer, please email me asap to pre-register, so we can reserve your spot.

We really need people for Week 2 working at Paso a Paso in San Antonio.  If you’re wondering when to come, please come Week 2.  Pre-register for Week 2 now here.

Mission Bootcamp - Week 4
ALSO, this year Damaris and I are offering a brand new program during Week 4 - Mission Bootcamp: How to Lead Your Own Mission to a Developing Country. This week we will serve a new village with limited service projects, AND each participant will receive:

Practical step-by-step training by Shawn and Damaris sharing their 9 yrs of experience leading hundreds safely on missions in Guatemala
Over a dozen keynote talks from expert speakers
Hands-on immersion exercises
Loads of templates, forms, tools and resources for leading missions
Guatemalan village leader contacts, and projects they need
Networking opportunities with other future missionaries
Access to a private Facebook Group
Access to a virtual ticket of all keynote talks after the mission
Daily time with Shawn & Damaris for Q&A, training, and inspiration
Much more...

All designed to prepare you to lead your own future mission in Guatemala, or another developing country using proven techniques, tools, and resources.  Details coming soon. Pre-register for our Mission Bootcamp today by emailing me here.  We are limiting this week to 30 spots (only 20 spots left as of today).  Week 3 we will be serving in Santa Maria de Jesus this year.  

Looking for PR materials for fundraising?  Downloadable slideshows and trifolds are here.

Want to join our mailing list?  Send an email here. 

Looking for our 2013 Podcasts? Go here.

Looking for Shawn Smith?  I’m here.

In search of Here.

We’ll be in touch soon.  Thanks for your patience and support!

God’s Peace,


Dear Mission Friends:

Our web re-design is taking more time, so we are postponing official registration until later this month.  Details coming soon.

However, if you would like to pre-register, please email me asap to pre-register.  Spots are going quickly; check above for status changes.  

Thanks for your patience; I hope to be in touch again soon!  Until then...

God’s Peace,


Dear 2014 Mission Participants:

Greetings in Christ from Guatemala!  

Thank you for your patience with our new web design taking so long to complete.  Damaris and I are here in Guatemala putting in 10-12 hr days prepping for this summer’s mission, and I’m working feverishly trying to complete our new site in the margins of our days.  It will be an awesome site, and allow us to communicate much more effectively,and efficiently, but alas, it is taking SO long. My sincerest apologies again to you all.

One way or another, I will have the new site up and running within the next week, which will allow us to launch registration immediately thereafter.  

In the meantime, you can do the following prep work before registration opens, to make registration go as smooth as possible once it launches:

 Have your passport ready.  This year we will need your passport # in order for you to register.  If you do not have yours, please apply for one immediately through your local post-office.  If you have yours, please check the expiration date now, to be sure it is still valid.

Have your first payment of $800/person ready to go.  Although we only require a non-refundable deposit of $300/person in order to register and guarantee your spot, due to the lateness of our registration, we would like to simply asking you to make your $800/person pmt immediately when registration opens.  Otherwise...

Your $800/person total will be due on Thu, May 1st (less than 3 wks later)

Your final payment in full of $1,600/person (1 wk), or $2,100/person (2 wks) will be due Thu, May 29th.
 Until our new mission site launches, feel free to direct your sponsors to make Intuit e-check donations to your mission account through our current “Sponsor A Volunteer” page. Again, be sure they write your name in the special instructions box during the process.

Again, Downloadable slideshows and trifolds are here for you to use for PR and fundraising purposes.

We still have a few spots open this summer - especially for Week 4: Mission Bootcamp.  If you or a friend would like to pre-register, please email me asap to pre-register.  Check above for registration status changes.  

Thanks for your patience; I hope to be in touch again soon!  Until then...

God’s Peace,


Dear 2014 Mission Participants:

Registration for our 2014 Mission to Gautemala is FINALLY OPEN, PRAISE GOD!

You can register at our new website at:

To Register, go to:
Registration page

All of our current mission registration info, AND all future mission updates will be found at our new mission website, including new blog updates, podcasts, video clips, and photo galleries.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding in our late launch, and we hope see you over at the new site, and in Guatemala this summer!

God’s Peace,

Brother Shawnhttp://www.NowIsTheTimeForMissions.com