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Luggage  & Scale  Recommendations  By  Shawn  Smith

I have flown over 700,000 miles over the past several years, averaging about 50,000 miles per year with my music and speaking ministry and leading this mission.  I have tried nearly every kind of luggage bag out there, and most were destroyed within a year.  I have purchased all of the following, and I can highly recommend them all. 

Need  Luggage?  These  bags  are  Highly  Recommended  by  Shawn:
Same as above, only better.  Updated design with light-weight, tough hard-shell bottom, and less straps and buckles to break.  Shipping cost is higher,
Best bag and brand on the market - I have 10 of these for my touring. Max capacity allowed by airlines, only 7 lbs, great handle & wheels, super tough, 10 yr warranty, free shipping!
Big, Cheap, Crushable, Duffel with Wheels.  Only 2.5 lbs!  Only good for a few flights, but best value, and highly rated.

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You may be able to find similar bags to these at Walmart or Costco, but please be aware of a few key things if you decide to purchase elsewhere:

  1. -Be sure they are 30” rolling duffels or higher (not 24”, 28”, or smaller) to maximize your space

  2. -If larger than 30”, be sure the total size does not exceed 62 linear inches (L + W + H).  If it does, you could be charged $125-$200/BAG in excess baggage fees PER DIRECTION by the airlines!

  3. -Be sure main zippers are not on corners or edges (this is where most bags fail)

  4. -Be sure they have 600 denier polyester or higher (i.e. tough)

  5. -Be sure they have good wheels:  roller-blade wheels, or better, not cheap plastic ones

  6. -Be sure they are lightweight - limit is 50 lbs/bag, and we need as many donations as possible!

If you only want to get charged for your 2nd bag ONE WAY, I’d recommend one of the Ful bags, plus the Protege bag below.  You will be charged $40 for your 2nd bag on the way to Guatemala, then after you empty your donations in Guatemala, you can crush and zip up the Protege duffel and put it in your Ful bag, and travel home w/o any luggage charges.

Here are my recommendations for checked luggage bags to bring to Guatemala:

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I also recommend the following travel scales: