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Now Is the Time ~ Missions to Guatemala is powered by over 100 volunteers each summer, ages 7-77.  All mission team members, including all leaders, raise their own financial support, so we can keep our expenses low, and our mission impact high.  Last year, this is some of what our volunteers did:

  VBS - Taught stories and songs about Jesus to

    over 2,400 children

  Stoves - Installed 230 stoves in homes, a

    school, and an orphanage

  Floors - Installed 56 concrete floors in dirt floor

    bedrooms and kitchens

  Girl’s Home - Laid block wall of a Girl’s


  H.A. - Donated 270, 50 lb bags of shoes, clothes,

    school supplies, and more.

  Medical - Treated over 800 patients in our

    Medical Clinics

  Eye Clinic - Outfitted over 400 patients with

    reading and distance glasses

  Sponsorship Program- Updated 3 child

    sponsorship programs we created in villages

  Sponsors - Secured over a dozen new child

    sponsorships for longterm support

  Water Filters - Donated 40 waterfilters to        

    families living in extreme poverty

This year, we plan to do more.  Can you help us?  It only takes 5 min’s to donate... Click the donate above to make a secure online donation with a credit card, or e-Check bank transfer (preferred for us) via Intuit.  For more info, scroll down...

What is Now Is the Time Missions?

The purpose of “Now Is the Time ~ Missions to Guatemala” is to share the love and hope of Jesus by serving children and their families living in extreme poverty in small communities in Guatemala.  We partner with effective, trustworthy, licensed Non-Government Organizations in Guatemala (NGOs - orphanages, churches, schools, community groups).  100-150 team members of ages 7-77, from different faith backgrounds and regions of the US, come together in the name of Christ for 1-4 weeks in the summer, by serving on one of seven teams:  Medical, Construction, Eyeglasses , Stoves, Floors, Humanitarian Aid, and Vacation Bible School.  

For more, go to our intro page.

Who are Shawn Smith and Santa Clara Foursquare Church?

Shawn Smith is a full-time, performing songwriter and keynote speaker.  He has recorded ten albums of original and sing-along music, and performs over 50 concerts and key-note talks per year at churches, youth gatherings, conferences, schools, and camps. Shawn and his wife Damaris volunteer several months each year to lead over 100 missionaries ages 7-77 to serve children and their families living in extreme poverty in Guatemala.  For more about Shawn’s ministry, visit him at:

Santa Clara Foursquare Church (also known as Valley Life Center) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and Foursquare Christian Church that has met in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA for over 20 years. The people of VLC are committed to the simplicity of loving and knowing Jesus. Through their love and relationships, they have planted churches, multiplied Christian schools including their own, Santa Clara Christian School, provided discipleship and training, and fulfilled missions throughout the community, country, and world including by supporting Now Is the Time Mission trips to Guatemala since 2007.  For more about them, please visit: 

Sponsor a Volunteer

Support a specific mission volunteer with a gift of $5-$5,000

Sponsor a Volunteer

Support a specific mission volunteer with a gift of $5-$5,000

By Our Preferred

Method of E-CHECK

By Our Preferred

Method of E-CHECK

How to Donate With An Online E-CHECK Bank Transfer

You may quickly and securely make a payment to sponsor a mission volunteer with an E-CHECK bank transfer through the Intuit PaymentNetwork buttons to the right.  You do not need an Intuit account to make a donation.

Intuit PaymentNetwork. is powered by Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks®, Quicken®, and TurboTax®.  Intuit processes over 116 million transactions each year for small businesses.  For more about Intuit, or to create an account, go to Intuit PaymentNetwork

To make an online donation for one of our volunteers:

1.  Click the donate button to the left

2.  Log in, create a free Intuit account,  or choose,   “Make payment without creating an account”

3.  Follow the simple two-step process instructions.

  1. 4. In the PERSONAL MESSAGE box on the SECOND PAGE, type the VOLUNTEER’S NAME you’d like to make a donation for. (i.e. For Joe Schmoe)

5.  Hit SEND PAYMENT and you’re done!

YOU MUST INDICATE WHO THE DONATION IS FOR in the PERSONAL MESSAGE BOX, or we will not know which volunteer to credit your donation to.

In 1-3 days, Intuit PaymentNetwork will transfer your payment directly to our mission bank account of our sponsor organization, SANTA CLARA FOURSQUARE CHURCH (a.k.a. VALLEY LIFE CENTER), which is a licensed 501(c)3 charitable organization.  The cost to us is $0.50/transaction.

How to Donate For Multiple Volunteers In One Payment

If you are making a payment for multiple team members with one E-CHECK payment (i.e. for a group from a church), click the, “Donate Special Amount” button to the right.  Follow the instructions and enter your total donation amount.  Then, in the PERSONAL MESSAGE box on the SECOND PAGE, type EACH VOLUNTEER’S NAME and HOW MUCH of the E-CHECK donation should be donated for each person.  For example:

John Smith - $800

Sally Jones - $150

Joe Schmoe - $650

To Donate by Check

An E-CHECK transfer is preferred over a paper check for payments because it saves time of our volunteers to open, record, and deposit hundreds of checks.  The E-CHECK payment via Intuit is our preferred method of payment (see instructions above), because it's super fast for you and for us, accurate, safer than paper because we never see your bank information (nor does anyone else handling your mail), and it only costs us $.50/transaction.  If you are not comfortable with the E-CHECK payment method, please mail us a check following the instructions below.  

All checks should be made payable to SANTA CLARA FOURSQUARE CHURCH.  In the check MEMO, Please only PRINT:  GUATEMALA MISSION, then write the volunteer's name on an included post-it.  No personal names on the check OR in the CHECK MEMO, please, only on an attachment or post-it. 

If you are making a payment for multiple team members with one check payment (i.e. for a group from a church), please type EACH VOLUNTEER’S NAME and HOW MUCH of the check should be donated for each person ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER OR POST-IT.  For example:

John Smith - $800

Sally Jones - $150

Joe Schmoe - $650

Please MAIL check via First Class US Mail to::

    Guatemala Mission

    Santa Clara Foursquare Church

    3421 Monroe St

    Santa Clara, CA 95051

For any questions about your checks, please email

Connie Darnell or call her during business hours

Pacific Time at:  408-246-4881

Why is an E-CHECK Payment better than a paper check?

It‘s safe and secure - Your bank account information is safe and never shared with us, or anyone else.

It’s fast - Payments clear in 1-3 days.  No mail delay.

It’s efficient - No need for our volunteers to open, record, and deposit hundreds of checks.

It’s simple - Easy two-step process, takes 3 min’s.

You can pay the way you want - Make partial payments or schedule payments for a future date.

No sign up required - Pay right away, or create an account to save your payment info and track multiple payments.

Go green - Eliminate writing paper checks and easily manage your payables online.

It’s FREE for you, and only costs us $.50!