Guatemala ’ 13
Ages:  All ages
Max Crew #: 40/site/week
Purpose:  To install high-efficiency stoves improve living conditions for children and their families who live and learn at these homes and facilities.
stove  crews
team  Requirements:
Willing and able to live and work with strangers in close quarters 24/7 for 1-2 weeks.
Can work as a team
Can take orders & serve where needed (servant-hearted)
No experience necessary
Spanish language not needed

Supplies  to  bring
Comfortable/sturdy shoes
Work clothes
Baseball cap or head covering
Rain coat or poncho
Nalgene style water bottle
Personal photo albums to share with children & staff

Stove Crews

Designed for children, families, seniors, and young & old alike, our stove crews will work side-by-side with village family members in their homes, to fulfill one of the greatest needs of our Mission Sites

Our Stove Crews will be installing Eco-Plancha high-efficiency stoves in children’s homes.  These stoves burn 70% less wood, and reduce smoke by 99%.  This will improve the daily lives of dozens of women and children for many years, especially the women who spend much of their day collecting wood, and who suffer from eye and respiratory problems from smoke from open fires in the kitchen.  Much more detailed information about how these amazing stoves work, how we install them, and how families are selected to receive them is located on the Eco-Plancha high-efficiency stove page.

Crews will consist of approximately 5 members each, totaling 5-7 crews per week.  Building experience is not necessary.

For more information, visit the FAQs page.  For photos and more information about this crew, please visit the previous blogs and watch our documentary.